What is Gish?

by Lizzie

Imagine a world where people unite to work together on a variety of different items with the aim of providing something that everyone can do. Young or old. Artistic or not. Some of the items may seem a little crazy; especially the ones that may involve an unreasonable amount of pain and suffering, but you’re still laughing because through it all you’re having fun, and the results are always amazing. But it’s not just about the fun.

Imagine a world where you undertake challenges with an overall aim of trying to inject a little good into the world. Where some of the items set throughout the week in which Gish runs each year, will challenge you not just to think about issues you may not have considered before, but even if you have, encourage you not just to expand your understanding, but to act upon it. They say that out of little acorns mighty oaks do grow. Well, throughout 2020, Gish has planted many little acorns; both virtual and literal. Taking part in Gish plants an acorn in the hearts of each of its participants every year, and long after the hunt has finished it leaves you with a continuing need to move further forward with the causes it highlights, to make your voice heard, and to leave your own positive mark. This year alone Gish has highlighted the level of inequality in relation to race and gender expression, not just in the US but on a global level. 

Gish challenges you to try things you’ve never imagined yourself doing before. Maybe even avoided doing because it was too scary or you just didn’t think you’d be any good at it. You willingly do these things because you’re working as part of a team of fifteen people who will cheer you all the way. You’re there for each other. Supporting each other. Celebrating each others efforts. Big and small. Every contribution is important. For one week, and even after the final entry is submitted the friends you make during Gish week will become lifelong friendships.

Thank you Misha! I for one will be forever grateful for Gish. For the friendship. For the opportunities it’s given me. For everything I’ve learnt because of it. The week of escapism from a world that is far from normal. It seemed like a good idea at the time…it most certainly was. Looking forward to the next hunt!

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